Tailor made technology and innovation

Quality is turned into a 360 degree all-round service.

We place 40 years of experience at the service of our customers, to effectively face and beat the challenges of the watch market. We work alongside them in every single phase: from drawings to design, from the study of materials to the creation of the 3D prototypes, from engineering through to production and after-sales services, with a customer service network throughout Italy.

High-precision machines, top quality craftsmanship, attention to detail: choosing Genesi means putting your trust in the experience of those who pay attention to every minor detail.


Cutting-edge designs and functional technical performance

We place a style office and a specialised technical office at the disposal of our customers, which keep abreast of all the latest design and innovation trends. Front runners in the research and development of new materials, our experts are able to interpret the various demands and respond with exclusive projects.

We produce customised models, assessing the design proposed by our customers each time, with a criticality analysis and research on materials, to guarantee the highest possible technical and aesthetic features.


Sharing knowledge to boost one's value.

The complexity, care, operating functions: it takes time and experience to fully get to know the mechanics of a wristwatch. This is why our experts are at the service of our customer to provide ongoing support and assistance, and also professional training sessions.

Out technicians hold technical sessions for laboratory personnel to teach them the latest maintenance skills, providing training on the operating functions, the components, the production, technology, to allow them to resolve any watch-related issues on their own.
The courses can be customised to include specific aspects and meet the customer's demands.